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Vital Signs

Thank you for completing our 2017 Vital Signs survey!

We have received such a positive response this year with over 770 surveys completed. We appreciate every single reply as we use our community voices and views to identify and tackle important issues in the East End.

Vital Signs gives us a health-check of our communities by grading us on important social issues. This year we researched 10 social themes including healthy living, housing and homelessness and education. Please see below for a copy of our Vital Signs 2017 report or you can click here for the PDF version. This year, in partnership with the London School of Economics we also completed our in-depth social needs analysis report, Vital Issues, which you can read here if you want to find out more.




What is Vital Signs?

Vital Signs is a research report and local charitable giving guide which mobilises the power of community knowledge and data, drawing upon official statistics and the views of local people to provide a health check of social issues in local communities. The report helps us to understand how London’s East End is performing against comparable areas across London and the UK and steers EECF and other philanthropists on how best to support the local community.

Vital Signs is an ongoing initiative and is released on an annual basis, together with giving guides from other community foundations across the UK and the world. Every three years the release of Vital Signs is accompanied by Vital Issues, an in-depth social needs analysis report.

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