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£100k for Summer Holiday Projects in Newham

Newham Giving, an award winning local giving initiative run by East End Community Foundation (EECF) have just distributed a total of £104,399 in 2018 to support 12 local community groups to provide high quality school holiday projects during the Summer holidays.

Newham is ranked the 5th highest local authority in the UK for children living in poverty, therefore there is a critical need for positive and diversionary activities across the borough.

EECF have a dedicated day annually to raise money and awareness for this initiative. If you would like to get involved in Newham Giving Day, you could do a bake sale or an office team challenge, it is really up to you.

Stephen Timms MP for East Ham says,
“Newham Giving supports a number of engaging school holiday programmes over the summer for young people in Newham aged between seven and eighteen. This year Newham Giving Day will be on the 18th October. If you are passionate about our area and want our young people to do well, then please do get involved”. 

Among the projects funded this year, Newham Giving is supporting the Community Renewal Programme and Fight for Peace. The Community Renewal Programme provide summer holiday activities targeted at ‘hard to reach’ young people. Fight for Peace provide a preventative intervention programme that positively engages ‘high risk’ young people into sports to develop life skills including discipline, motivation and team work.

Last year, Newham Giving engaged over 1,400 local children and young people to participate in positive activities directly linked to improving education, reducing anti-social behavior and supporting their development and aspirations in areas of their interest.

“I really enjoyed the summer holiday camp, I learned new skills whilst having fun and I met so many new friends. I’m now attending basketball sessions three times a week and I want to get on the basketball team.” said Admed aged 13.

Out of 866 young people surveyed, 87% felt more confident and motivated to learn, 83% made new friends and felt less isolated.

Since it’s inception in 2014, Newham Giving has been supporting young people with school holiday activities “The beauty of a collaborative approach is that donations are pooled and achieve greater social impact together, more than what could be achieved individually.” Says Tracey Walsh, Chief Executive, EECF.

To donate please go to if you want to get involved in Newham Giving Day please contact Kyrsten Perry email or call 0207 345 4451.