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The Exchange Project

The Exchange Project has been supporting the local community for 10 years, recycling nearly new baby goods that would otherwise be thrown away, making a constant supply of children’s clothing and equipment available for families on low incomes.

Users can take out children’s clothes, toys, pushchairs, cots and books on a 'library' system, up to a maximum of six items at time. Once they return the loaned items – or bring in alternatives to swap – they can then take out other equipment.

Families and their children who meet regularly at the project to socialise together also benefit from the regular information days we hold throughout the year, for example, workshops on healthy eating and healthy teeth.

The Tower Hamlets Exchange Project runs on Tuesdays from 9.00am-12.00pm at the Barkantine Community Centre (Westferry Road, E14; opposite John McDougal Park).

To donate any unwanted baby goods to the Exchange Project, please contact Tracey, Community Engagement Manager via email or phone 020 7345 4446.


The Exchange Project has been like a second home to me. I always look forward to every Tuesday. I not only get to get to exchange my baby outfits, but I also get to meet and chat with other mums. It’s a place to share and learn too. The project has saved me from having to buy new clothes and the members are real gems. My son is learning a lot from the toys and videos I have picked. Thanks!

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