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Tower Hamlets Giving - A new approach to employability

January 2019

In November 2018, EECF launched Tower Hamlets Giving, a pilot programme to help local young people to become “work ready” and gain access to sustainable employment.  

Tracey Walsh, Chief Executive at EECF says, “Educational attainment of our young people is relatively high, but unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily translate into employment. Often employers say the issues are about our young people having poor communication skills and a lack of self-confidence and resilience”.


Seeking out good practice, the programme incorporates Impetus Private Equity Foundation’s approach to making young people well placed to access and sustain employment. 

With years of experience, Impetus has defined a way of developing the social capabilities of young people, including drive, self-awareness, resilience and receptivity.  These are of course essential skills needed to find and keep sustainable work in a competitive job market.  

A recent London Chamber of Commerce and Industry report also pinpointed that along with the ability to work with data, there is a growing demand and importance to businesses of problem-solving, social, personal and creative skills.  A survey respondent said, “It is all about the soft skills and knowing how to communicate with others, which is always the biggest challenge”.

EECF’s programme not only exposes young people to the world of work but it gives them access to professional networks through corporate partners. It ensures young people experience the office environment in different sectors with quality employee training. 

“Working to address the complex challenges that local young people face when seeking employment is not easy, and without the support of our corporate partners we would not have progressed as positively as we have.  Special thanks for all their help and support with the pilot goes to Canary Wharf Group, Deutsche Borse, Hermes, Revolut and Valero.” continued Tracey Walsh, Chief Executive at EECF.

Phase One of the Tower Hamlets Giving Pilot Programme in November went well and Phase Two is starting at the end of February. EECF will keep you up to date as the Programme develops.