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EECF Grants Update: Over £880k awarded for local projects in the East End

January 2019

Huge thanks to all our supporters and funders! Since April 2018, EECF has awarded Over £880k to 148 projects in the East End. Have a look below to some testimonials on how your giving has impacted lives of individuals in the East End.


Ali, aged 16 and his brother took part in Newark Youth London's summer programme. Ali had just left school and was struggling with confidence, he was nervous about starting college in September and falling in with the wrong crowd. Ali joined the leadership course and worked towards an ASDAN qualification. He took part in all the activities which helped build his confidence in communicating with others. As part of his accreditation, Ali had to do a presentation in front of other people which challenged him to express himself and work through his barriers.

Ali was able to talk to people in the group and make new friends, he worked well with the youth workers who supported him to focus on his personal goals and future. Over the five weeks, Ali's confidence and communication greatly improved as well as his interactions with others. He has now started college with confidence, and connected with other young people so he feels less alone.
“I wasn't the most confident person but on the course we had to do lots of presentations.  I was very nervous and found it really difficult to speak but by doing it some of my fears have gone away and I am much more confident speaking in front of others now. The whole summer has made me less shy and more confident speaking to new people” – Ali, aged 16


Amelia, aged 14, joined the Shadwell Basin summer project this year, she has mild autism and communicates very little. At lunchtimes she wouldn't engage with others and would pace up and down nervously. However, with regular support from one of the youth workers Amelia started to make a marked improvement. She began to sit down with others, spoke more frequently to people she knew and started to take part in more activities.

Amelia took part in kayaking, climbing, canoeing and raft building through the Centre's pathway concept, allowing young people to access activities at the level they are capable of. Amelia was able to take learning at her own pace and gained a number of in-house achievements. Her parents reported a real improvement in her communication, confidence and decision making as a result of taking part. Amelia has now joined the term-time activities to continue building her skills.
“I love the activities I have learnt not to be scared all the time. I think Shadwell is really good for people of any ages and abilities, I have learnt a lot, made a lot of new friends and done activities that I would never thought of doing.  I have learnt lots such as confidence and leadership, I have gone stronger than before and I have more stamina” – Amelia, aged 14

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