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EECF hosts Governor of the Bank of England

February 2019

As the “go to” organisation for those wanting to understand social deprivation in the East End, EECF welcomed the Bank of England’s invitation to be the Governor’s guide for his visit to Tower Hamlets.

Keen to understand the impact the economy has on residents, EECF organised for Mark Carney to meet community leaders over lunch, followed by a visit to two local charities working to address inequality through money management and employment. 


Throughout the four hour visit the Governor was engaged and genuinely interested to learn from everyone he met.  As well as being happy to answer all the questions that came his way, he was able to articulate, in plain English, the complexities of the economy and Bank’s role in providing financial stability for the UK. 

EECF’s Chief Executive said “I think it is really refreshing that policy makers at an institution such as the Bank of England, who can seem quite detached from the kind of grassroots communities that we work with, are willing to take the time to hear first hand from those who are affected by the decisions that they make.

In the East End there are many people on low incomes or in minimum wage jobs who are really impacted by the economy on a day to day basis. It has been a great opportunity to help give a voice to those people today.”

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