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AFME and The East End: A collaborative Approach to Tackling Poverty in The East End

April 2019


Passionate about supporting social needs close to its Canary Wharf office, AFME hosted an event to introduce its members to EECF’s work. The event offered an evening of drinks, networking, and a presentation by EECF to raise awareness about the role businesses can play in supporting the local communities in which their offices are based. We were delighted to be joined by Corporate Social Responsibility representatives of various finance and legal companies, including Clearstream Banking, FSCS, BNP Paribas, and Millbank amongst others.

Chief Executive of AFME, Simon Lewis opened the event by welcoming guests and giving them an insight into the issues affecting East London including Canary Wharf and beyond. He also spoke about how AFME is working in partnership with EECF to address these social issues, including high levels of unemployment amongst young people.

Stephanie Fuller, Head of Development shared how EECF actively support a wide range of local East London communities’ needs and aspirations, through proactive philanthropy and charitable giving, with specific emphasis on employment needs in Tower Hamlets. 

“Educational attainment in Tower Hamlets has significantly improved over the last 15 years. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily translating into sustainable employment. 24.6% of young people in Tower Hamlets are unemployed compared to 12% nationally.”

Tower Hamlets Giving is being set up to help local young people become “work ready”, and gain access to sustainable employment. A call to action was made for local businesses to get involved in supporting young people by volunteering their time and offering work placements to young people.

A special thank you to Rick Watson, Managing Director at AFME, Trustee and Philanthropy Club member of EECF for hosting a fabulous event.

If you would like to know more about our Business Membership, Volunteer Opportunities, Individual Giving, or Setting up a fund, please contact Stephanie Fuller, Head of Development, at or phone 0207 345 4550.