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Philanthropy Club


The Philantrhopy Club is a unique gathering of exciting and aspiring  philanthropists who want to give back to their community by working collectively to support grassroots causes tackling deprivation and inequality.     

Can I meet other members and hear about the projects we support?

As a Club member, you will be invited to events throughout the year. You can meet fellow members and EECF donors, network, join in discussions about philanthropy in London and see the impact the Club is making in the community first-hand, by speaking to EECF staff and funded projects. You will also receive a copy of our Annual Review and annual research report and local giving guide, Vital Signs, as well as updates about the progress of Philanthropy Club funded projects.

How will my donation be spent?

Members donate £1,000 per year either in a single donation or spread out over 12 months. £500 is used immediately to support local needs, and £500 is invested in an endowment, enabling us to give out grants to local projects for years to come.

A proportion of Philanthropy Club donations are awarded to specific initiatives, voted on and chosen by Club members, and EECF use the remaining funds to support charitable activity across the East End.

How do I become a member?

We have a number of giving options to enable you to become a Club member including by online, by standing order, cheque or BACS.

Click to download 'Introducing the Philanthropy Club' for more about the Club and member benefits.

Contact Freditta Apeagyei via or phone 020 7345 4552 with any queries or for further information.











"I enjoy being a Philantropy Club member because I get a chance to support and see the community projects.  These amazing projects are clearly changing and improving the community for all residents".