Helping people thrive


Anyone can be a philanthropist through East End Community Foundation and there is no better place to invest than your local community.

Using our reach and expertise, we will work with you to ensure your gift creates maximum impact and is targeted precisely at the people you want to help.

Giving through EECF is simple and effective.  Depending on your priorities and the level of investment you wish to make, we have a range of tax effective giving options including:

- Set Up Your Own Charitable Fund 

- Join the Philanthropy Club

- Contribute to a Borough Fund

- Leave a Gift in your Will

Set up your Own Charitable Fund

A named fund is effectively a charity account but without the administrative burden. 

Options for named funds vary depending on the size of gift and how involved you want to be in selecting groups to receive support. We can advise you on the best approach for your named fund and, once active, we will match you with appropriate requests for support from our communities. 

In every case, we will complete a philanthropy agreement and provide you with a named Account Manager.  You will receive a report every year on the charitable activity you have supported including feedback and outcomes.

Types of named funds:

  • Endowment funds 
  • Annual or flow-through funds 
  • Bespoke options

Join the Philanthropy Club

For those relatively new to philanthropy, our Philanthropy Club is a great place to start.  Joining other donors, pooling their resources for greater impact, the Club supports charitable organisations delivering exciting and innovative projects and service locally, while at the same time building a financial legacy for giving in perpetuity.

Contribute to a Borough Fund

EECF distributes donations to charitable organisations in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets under the themes of employment and training, education and community wellbeing and inclusion. Your donation could also be used to extend any of these programmes in a locality of your choice.

Leave a Gift in your Will 

Leaving a charitable bequest in your will to EECF is an effective way to create a tax-efficient, lasting legacy, to provide continuing support to the causes and communities you most care about in East London.

A bequest can create a fund in your name for causes close to your heart. EECF will manage the fund and distribute it in accordance with your wishes ensuring that it supports charitable organisations and projects in the most effective and efficient way.

Please contact 020 7345 4444 for more information.